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Search Engines Optimisation

Understanding Link Building and What Determines Their Value

Link Building

We are at an age when the internet is at its most vibrant stage. Almost every other person uses the internet today.

When you visit the internet, it is like visiting a city made of websites. The streets that connect the different websites can be said to be links. The use of links by webmasters and search engines has grown since the internet boom in the early 1990s.

For link building, you will find it’s very important as search engines use crawlers to determine how important a website is in a particular field. This helps in ranking the pages.

A website that has the right hyperlinks that connects it to trusted websites and blogs has a higher chance of getting ranked highly by the search engines.

Unlike earlier years when some websites could have substandard or spam content and still get links to trusted sites, today, everything has changed.

Your website has to have relevant and good content if other websites are agree to have your links.

It is therefore common to find that trusted websites with good quality content hosting links for websites that have the similar if not related content.

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Social Media

The Basic Social Media Marketing Rules To Follow For a Business

Social Media Marketing

You will best understand social media marketing by understanding the words that make up the phrase.

Media is a channel by which information passes from one end to another. Such means can be TV, television, radio or the internet. Social refers to the society in general and how people interact within the society.

Social media is therefore the mean by which information from a publisher is passed on to the consumer but at the same time, the consumer has a chance to contribute to the conversation.

It is therefore a two way media communication system where people interact.

Businesses are now investing heavily in social media marketing services.

In order to achieve the best results on social media, you will need to follow the following rules to the letter;

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PPC Management

Reasons to Use Paid Search Marketing for Your Online Business

Paid Search Marketing

Searching for reasons to use paid search marketing? Still on the fence about PPC search campaigns?

Not sure if you have the budget to spend on paid search advertising? Many online businesses are in the same boat.

Why spend money on something when it is free? And while it is true that organic search marketing is free, it also takes persistence and patience.

On the other hand, paid search marketing can deliver results faster and easier than organic search.

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PPC Management

Why is Google advertising AdWords on Facebook?

Google advertising AdWords

I couldn’t believe my eyes on Sunday morning when I saw an advert for Google AdWords on Facebook. Actually I didn’t believe it at all until I saw the ad again today.

Its an unusual move for one blue chip media owner to advertise in another blue chip media owners publication or website. In addition Facebook with its 100% social orientation would not at first sight seem fertile ground for advertising a B2B product. So why is Google advertising AdWords on Facebook?

There are two possible reasons for the ads. The first is that Googles sales growth is slowing. In quarter 2 of this year global revenues were only up by 3% on the same period last year and in the UK they were down by 8%, albeit partially due to the collapse of the pound. Many commentators are suggesting that Google has matured and now has characteristics more akin to a utility. Now it may be possible since those Q2 results were posted that sales are still sluggish and the advertising is an attempt to attract new users to Google AdWords.

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Social Media

The POST Method: A Systematic Approach to Social Strategy

Social Strategy

What do most companies do wrong when they enter the social world? No, it’s not that they’re being fake, or don’t “get it.” It’s that they don’t really know their objectives.

Is your company doing its social strategy backwards?

If you started by saying “we should do a blog” or “we should create a page on a social network” or “we should create a community” the answer is probably yes.

In any other business endeavor we start by figuring out what we want to accomplish. Social technologies are not magic. They accomplish things, too. It’s time to stop doing social because it’s cool. It’s time to start doing it because it’s effective.

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