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The Basic Social Media Marketing Rules To Follow For a Business

Social Media Marketing

You will best understand social media marketing by understanding the words that make up the phrase.

Media is a channel by which information passes from one end to another. Such means can be TV, television, radio or the internet. Social refers to the society in general and how people interact within the society.

Social media is therefore the mean by which information from a publisher is passed on to the consumer but at the same time, the consumer has a chance to contribute to the conversation.

It is therefore a two way media communication system where people interact.

Businesses are now investing heavily in social media marketing services.

In order to achieve the best results on social media, you will need to follow the following rules to the letter;


In social media, you will find that if you take up everything as your interest, you end up looking confused. It is no different when it comes to businesses.

Your business social media accounts should be talking of only one thing or rather, things that relate to what you do.

A strongly focused content and social media marketing strategy has a far better chance of achieving your desired goals than a broad based strategy.


Today’s society is extremely enlightened when it comes to buying of stuff. It’s hard to find a person just seeing something and then buying it.

A person will generally look for information about the product or relating to the product before making their decision.

It is therefore important that quality information be what your social media is all about.

As it so happens, it is better to have 100 consistent followers or buyers that 10,000 one time visitors.

Addition of value

Social media marketing requires that you give value to your customers. If you are engrossed at just telling your followers or fans about your products, they will tire and sooner than later just leave you.

For you to capture their attention and for a long time, give them useful content that they can use in their everyday lives.

They will start seeing you as a point of authority in terms of quality and credible information.

This way, they will then start passing by word of mouth how good your stuff is.


This is a law that many businesses neglect. Never ignore a person who reaches out to you online.

If you ignore the comment or the question by a person, other fans will notice that too, and they will start realizing that you are there for business. Social media is an interactive forum where building relationships is vital.

Be accessible

You can be a great provider of information to your followers. They could actually be fond of you because of the way you relate your stories or just by the intensity of your content.

Upon publishing, be available to answer, clarify and also comment on what you have written. Social media is ever changing and if fans see that you publish and then disappear for months, they can easily replace you with another favorable business.

Listen to your fans

More often than not in real life, you will find yourself cornered to listen more than to talk.

Social media marketing demands that you cultivate the virtue of listening more and talking less.

After all, customers will only get what they want from you if you listen not when you tell them what is good for them.

It is important that after creating a social media account for your business to dedicate sometime every other day or week to organize it.

There are even businesses that employ people to manage their social media accounts because of the importance they know such come with.

You will, however achieve tremendous results if you dedicate some time every week and also if you abide by all of the above rules.

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