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Can you be found on the internet?

If the answer to the asked question is either a “no”, or an “I’m not sure”, you might want to think about the possibilities that a diverse Local Search marketing plan could open up for you.

If you are on this website, you are obviously familiar with most search engines, and you know that they are still the primary tool for finding information on the internet. Of course you know that.

Did you know, however that more than 20% of all searches on the internet can be considered what we call a “local search”? A local search means that the user searches for a word or phrase that – in some way – is linked to their immediate living area, and/or city.

The single biggest reason why many people do local internet searches, is convenience. They are not necessarily interested in something they would have to go through the whole city visit another, especially if there is an available alternative much closer.

This is where you (and us) come into the picture

Investing in a Local Citation plan is a very formidable idea, one that can give you an advantage over your competition.

At this day and age, the power of the internet cannot be overstated; it is essentially the single biggest game changer when it comes to marketing.

Viral campaigns are more successful than ever, and the number of active internet users increases each and every year.

Knowing the ins and outs of online marketing brings bigger payouts than ever before, offering you the chance to completely change the dynamic of your business.

A cost effective solution for you

When well done, a quality Local Search Marketing plan will always be cost-effective. Doing it well however, is not necessarily as easy as it would look at a first glance.

You need a plan perfectly implemented, but that plan also needs to be flexible. We firmly believe that if given the chance, we can provide you exactly that.

The reasons why local search marketing is paramount

We already established that around 20% of all internet searches are “local searches”. What’s even more interesting however is that around 70% of the people who use the internet, will shop local products and/or will search for services that are available within close vicinity.

This shows us why local citation is so important, and why it has to be a critical part in every plan that involves search optimization.

It creates the touch point that every quality service or product needs if it wants to be successful. Your future customers will depend on the data they can find when they type in those key phrases or words.

Searching trends can change however, which is the reason why your marketing plan needs to be flexible, and a professional service can help you handling that.

What does the plan include?

When you strike a deal with an online marketing company like ours, regarding a local search plan, the service will do a number of marketing activities for you as part of that bigger engagement.

What are those activities? Well, that depends on the agreement of course, but there are certain elements that will surely be a part of it.

The verification and optimization of your local listings for example, but also the elimination process of all possible double listings.

In addition to those, that service will also promote your listings, and will make your whole portfolio generally more available and approachable for anyone who’s trying to reach you, and even for those who don’t.

If your goal is to sell your product or service, you will want to be found even by those, who weren’t looking for you.

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