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Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising provides the chance to pay for front running positions in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and gain notoriety by showing up on relevant partner portals.

The results are almost instant, since our techniques deliver immediate traffic in the attempt to compliment and actually enhance your current SEO campaigns.

PPC advertising is often about testing and using keywords, verticals in more marketplace and business models.

Furthermore, it also gives you the opportunity to raise a general SEO and marketing strategy based on actual facts and results, rather than on assumptions.

The science behind our success

We believe that being successful in PPC management is not about guessing or spending money without proper budgeting.

Instead, it is nothing but pure science. We have a team of specialists who focus on spotting impressive numbers of low volume keywords.

Most commonly, these are specific and detailed long tail keywords. They are not just less expensive, but they also provide an exquisite reputation. Basically, long tail keywords are used to hedge against the expensive alternatives.

What we do is strictly related to cost efficiency. We offer a solid growth in a new keyboard based campaign, but without skyrocketing your expenses.

Here at Dynastic Technologies, we provide a complete and complex PPC development program. We can also take over an existing pay per click campaign, as well as proper optimization on a regular basis and management services.

PPC Audits

Our on-site specialists offer PPC audits as actual independent services. Even if you do not necessarily want to switch your current PPC provider or you truly enjoy doing it yourself, it does pay off to get a second opinion from a professional company.

This is just one of the numerous methods to hone your effort. Our managers will sift through your campaign and provide the same tips and ideas we would employ ourselves.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is currently one of the best rated advertising platforms in the world. With billions of users and around 750 million daily guests, Facebook has managed to overcome its competition.

It is one thing to advertise via search engines and a different thing to do it over a social network that everyone uses. The robust advertising campaign is very easy to customize too.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords has dominated the pay per click industry for years. It still has a huge impact over your PPC management campaign, so we also focus on its ability to place your website among the first results in SERPs.

Aside from enhancing your reputation, AdWords also allows us to test keywords and search patterns very accurately, only to make your SEO campaign more prolific.

Bing Advertising

Bing has its own PPC service as well. We can get you started using it, but we can easily adjust and overhaul your existing campaign, regardless of how poor it is.

Ad creation and optimization ensure a highly efficient outcome over a short period of time. At the same time, the management services leave no room for errors.


Dynastic Tech provides full re-targeting solutions. Our specialists can handle campaign development and complex management.

We ensure that every business spends money on the perfect targeted users. We want you to invest in users who you are quite likely to convert, rather than just throwing mud on the ceiling and hoping it sticks.

In order to succeed and provide such results, we put a lot of effort in the initial research. Having the right keywords is the element that dictates cost efficiency.

While we never alter the quality for a few coins, we do make sure that your ROI is peerless.

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