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Why is Google advertising AdWords on Facebook?

Google advertising AdWords

I couldn’t believe my eyes on Sunday morning when I saw an advert for Google AdWords on Facebook. Actually I didn’t believe it at all until I saw the ad again today.

Its an unusual move for one blue chip media owner to advertise in another blue chip media owners publication or website. In addition Facebook with its 100% social orientation would not at first sight seem fertile ground for advertising a B2B product. So why is Google advertising AdWords on Facebook?

There are two possible reasons for the ads. The first is that Googles sales growth is slowing. In quarter 2 of this year global revenues were only up by 3% on the same period last year and in the UK they were down by 8%, albeit partially due to the collapse of the pound. Many commentators are suggesting that Google has matured and now has characteristics more akin to a utility. Now it may be possible since those Q2 results were posted that sales are still sluggish and the advertising is an attempt to attract new users to Google AdWords.

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