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Understanding Link Building and What Determines Their Value

Link Building

We are at an age when the internet is at its most vibrant stage. Almost every other person uses the internet today.

When you visit the internet, it is like visiting a city made of websites. The streets that connect the different websites can be said to be links. The use of links by webmasters and search engines has grown since the internet boom in the early 1990s.

For link building, you will find it’s very important as search engines use crawlers to determine how important a website is in a particular field. This helps in ranking the pages.

A website that has the right hyperlinks that connects it to trusted websites and blogs has a higher chance of getting ranked highly by the search engines.

Unlike earlier years when some websites could have substandard or spam content and still get links to trusted sites, today, everything has changed.

Your website has to have relevant and good content if other websites are agree to have your links.

It is therefore common to find that trusted websites with good quality content hosting links for websites that have the similar if not related content.

For sites with spam content which in most cases can’t be trusted, they will have very few links which will also lead to sites with spam content.

How links are used in SEO?

While it still remains a secret on how and what search engines do to rank websites and blogs, it is common knowledge that links attribute to a high degree the SEO ranking of a site.

Link building is no small feat and it will take your time, expertise and persistence to get one.

Upon mastering the art of advanced link building, you will get access to the best sites which in turn will elevate your ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Search engines will employ their crawlers to find websites and search what content they have on them.

More than this, the search engines will crawl for hyperlinks which are also called links and determine whether such can be trusted.

Links are therefore used to help search engines discover new websites and also to determine how well a site or a page should rank in their SERPs.

What determines the value of a link?

It is still a mystery to many how websites are ranked by the search engines.

It is also a wonder to many people just how links promote the value of a website.

To understand the value a link carries in SEO, we will need to assess some of the elements that are considered when building one;

Popularity of the website globally

A website that is well known globally is very ideal to get numerous links.

If globally appealing, many sites will want to have their links leading to such a website and from it as well. A website like Wikipedia or Google are some of the global sites that have millions of links which then make them very popular.

A link to such a site means that your website will improve in ranking.

Anchor text

Anchor text, simply means the clickable text that you find in website content.

In most cases, the anchor text is blue or red in color. By having numerous website pages and blogs containing anchor texts that lead to a particular page, the more popular such site where the links lead to becomes.

It is therefore important to have as many anchor texts in as many pages as possible.

The trust rank of websites

There is over 60% spam content on the internet today. This means that chances of getting the right information that is trustworthy and reliable for an arbitrary online visitor is only 40%. It is for this reason that there exists a trust rank category.

It simply means that the more a website is trusted or contains information that can be trusted and is reliable, the more likelihood, it will be ranked highly in the search engines.

You will normally find that websites ending with .edu, .org, .gov are popular because they don’t contain spam.

Localizing of links

This is when a website is linked to a specific website rather than it being directed to a general site.

If you are having a pets’ food site, links from tractor builders or airline companies would be of little relevance.

It is important for such a site to have links from dog breeders, types of cats or caring for your pets.

Keep the links fresh

There is a lot of competition over the internet. A website that was popular last year is probably beaten to second place today.

Fresh rank exists to help websites keep their content and links fresh. Search engines will use the freshness of your content and links to determine the pages’ relevance and their overall ranking in the search pages.

Social networking

There has been an eruption in the use of social media platforms by billions of people across the world. Even though SEO professionals agree that social media doesn’t directly determine the ranking of a website, they nevertheless agree to the fact that they are important link building tools.

Many websites have links on their social media accounts and other affiliates to help them get popularity.

This in return pulls people to click on the links which then lead them to the website.

It is therefore important to factor in the social networking when building a hyperlink.

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